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dvd Bill's Big Pumpkins is a feature length documentary about a giant pumpkin grower. Bill Foss strives to grow big pumpkins. Bill want's to beat MN's largest pumpkin, a 1083 lb pumpkin set in 2002. It's a big goal, but he's up for the challenge. Follow Bill as he grows big time.

From Bill's basement pumpkin laboratory, through the growing season's good and bad weather and onto weigh-offs, fairs and festivals, Bill grows over a 18 pumpkins totalling over 6 tons.

During the course of filming the documentary we had multiple time lapse cameras set up, including one that captured the growth of a giant pumpkin from pollination to half ton gourd.

All in all, over 600,000 time lapse photos were take. Special software was written to contol and organize all the images.

At the end of the season we contacted an explosive expert to help us releave a little tension.

Please enjoy the video.