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Bill's Foss's Giant Pumpkin Seed Packs
Thank's to all our customers, but we've decided to stop selling seeds.

May we recommend buying seeds, including seeds from Bill (if he "grows any big enough", from the
 St. Croix Growers Association

this is what you'll get
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Be the envy on your block. Have the biggest Jack-O-Lantern ever. Grow your very own Atlantic giant pumpkin by getting seeds from an established grower. Bill Foss is a record holding grower in Minnesota and he knows pumpkins. He's been growing giant pumpkins for 20+ years and how he's offering you the opportunity to get his select seeds from his pumpkins. The number one secret in growing giant pumpkins is growing from the right seeds. Let Bill help you.


  • We've got seeds, but we havn't gotten all the details together just yet. We're working on in. In the mean time, we've updated a couple details and re-opened orders. If you've got questions, feel free to ask us!
  • 10 various seeds harvested from Bill's Big Pumpkins. Bill's Big Pumpkin seeds are from giant pumpkins ranging in size from 1001 lbs to 1653 lbs. 
  • The genetics in these seeds hold great potential, some coming from plants over 2000 lbs, included previous world record holders.
Bills Big Pumpkins seed pack 2017 details

1357 Foss 2017
(1944 Connelly x 2106 Schmidt)


1001 Foss 2017
(1918 Qualley x 2004 Vander Wielen)


1473 Foss 2015
(1817 McConkie x Self)


1068 Foss 2015
(2008 Neptune x 1817 McConkie)


1284 Foss 2015
(886 Stevens x 1873 Stiel)


    (#'s are weights, parent genetics are listed if known and show the stong genetics of the giant pumpkin seeds).

  • Bill has grown hundreds of giant pumpkins. These seeds are from his giant pumpkins. They are Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds, a genetic strain of pumpkin seeds, the only seeds that can grow pumpkins over 500 lbs. Don't mess with Big Mac when you can grow Bill's Big Pumpkins.
  • How do I do it? Don't worry, also included are printed copies of Bill's basic and instructions (detailed instructions available online also) to help you plant and care for your own big pumpkin, written by Bill Foss himself. Great for the first timer or the experienced grower.
  • Get seeds from an established, award winning grower, not from a store or catalogue. These are seeds Bill considers "defiantly worth growing". Put a face and name to the seeds you order!
  • See examples of the pumpkins the seeds came from in previous years.
  • Got questions, we've got answers. Ask us directly, don't be shy. Bill loves to talk pumpkin so why not ask. He's very proud to have people growing his pumpkin seeds, so he'd love to hear from you even if you don't have questions.

  • DVD BILL'S BIG PUMPKINS, It's not just the name of this website, it's also an award winning independent feature length documentary.
  • See Bill Foss in action in a documentary about his pursuits of record breaking giant pumpkins. Check out the trailer here or watch the whole film on YouTube and follow Bill through an entire season as he tries to break various records.

Here's some pictures from others who've had great success growing Bill Foss's giant pumpkin seeds!


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